Childcare Fencing Northern Suburbs Melbourne

childcare fencing northern suburbs melbourne

We spcecialise in building fences for childcare centres in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. The Northern suburbs of Melbourne has many outstanding childcare centres, including One Early Education.

We provide a range of fencing styles to suit all types of childcare centres. However, we always make sure they meet the safety requirements imposed by the Victorian Government.

These regulations include the fence being at least 1.5 metres from the ground up. In addition, the fence must not allow a child to be able to go through, over or under the fence.

For this reason we recommend installing safety locks or spring loaded latches to any gates for extra protection.

At JFG Commercial and Industrial Fencing we specialise in providing a large range of childcare fencing solutions tothe Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

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JFG Commercial and Industrial Fencing provide the best childcare fencing solutions to the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

childcare fencing playground northern suburbs melbourneIt is well known that by having security fence around the perimeter of a education facilities, both in the Northern suburbs, as well as the rest of Melbourne, significantly reduces the incident of vandalism. This includes childcare centres.

Less money that has to be spent on repairing damage caused by vandalism can be spent on students instead.

In addition,  there is more money to spend on creating a beautiful space that is safe for children. A space that makes learning and playing enjoyable for young children.

Find out more about some of our recent commercial fencing projects for childcare centres. Some of our recent projects include the One Early Education Centre in the Northern suburb of Epping.

We provide a total solution for all your childcare fencing requirements in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. These solutions include hercules fencingweldmesh fencingchainmesh fencing, tubular fencing, steel fencing, automatic sliding gates and  steel gates.

childcare fences melbourne

For an obligation free quote call us on 0432 157 971 or email to find out more