Commercial Slat Fencing

commercial slat fencing melbourneSteel slat fencing is becoming a popular style of commercial fencing. It is used when you want a stylish fence, but also need security for your commercial premises.

When you install a commercial steel slat fence you get clean lines and sharp finishes. That is why it is a great choice if you have customers visiting your business property.  It is sure to create a great first impression when you customers visit.

Another added benefit of commercial slat fencing is that you are able to decide on the spacing between the steel slats. This means you have the added benefit of privacy, This is a major benefit compared with many other forms of commercial fencing.

In addition, if airflow is required between the steel slats this can be achieved to. This is done by adding more space between the individual slats.

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 Commercial slat fencing has the great attributes of providing privacy, durability and longevity. It is also one of the most stylish forms of commercial fencing available.

commercial slat fencing melbourneWhen maximum strength and security is required for your commercial or industrial property a steel slat fence is the solution. It will never compromise on style.

Industrial automatic sliding gates, hinged or swinging gates can be manufactured to suit your new commercial slat fence. All gates can be operated manually or automatically with a remote control. The industrial electric motors used come with a higher rating capacity. This helps to ensure a long lasting electric gates.

An automatic sliding gate will not only improve the security of your commercial or industrial property but time as well!

We provide a total solution for all your Industrial and Commercial fencing and gate requirements - including  hercules fencingweldmesh fencingchainmesh fencing, tubular fencing, steel fencing, automatic sliding gates and  steel gates.

commercial slat fencing melbourne

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