School Security Fencing Kingsbury Primary School

JFG Commercial and Industrial Fencing was recently involved in a large project to build a Hercules steel security fence for Kingsbury Primary School. Their primary school has an unique school community. It is  small in size but big on developing close and personal connections.

Kingsbury Primary School caters for caters for a wide range of cultures from across the world. Their focus is on the whole child. This is done by developing social, emotional and academic learning strengths though personalised, differentiated curriculum.

Building a new security fence to keep active children safe was the main priority. This is part of their overall child safety standards. This is especially as roads around the school (like all schools nowadays) are busy during the drop off and pick up times.

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steel hercules fence Kingsbury primary school melbourne
steel tubular fence melbourne kingsbury primary school
commercial tubular fence melbourne kingsbury primary school

The final design is mostly a steel spear topped hercules commercial tubular fence powder coated in black. It is built to make it hard for primary school age children to climb over. This means that students are now safe from dangerous hazards, such as passing vehicles. In addition, to make the school welcoming, a flat top Hercules fence design has been used in the entrance walkway.

The security fence is also designed to deter people from entering the school grounds with the intent to vandalise and damage property. It is well known that schools with security fences have significantly less incidents of vandalism. This results in more funds being available for students instead of damaged property.

Kingsbury Primary School has made a great investment that it students safe at the same time as deterring vandals

As an extra precaution while the fence was being built, a temporary fence was erected.

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