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Automatic Sliding Gates

Keep your business safe by installing an automatic gate. Automatic sliding gates are becoming a standard addition to commercial security fencing. This is because people are looking for an additional level of security for their property.

An automatic sliding gate, not only improves the security of a commercial property but also saves time. This is because there is no need to leave your vehicle when entering or leaving your premises to open or close a gate.

We can install an automatic sliding gate when we install your new industrial fence. Alternatively, we can install your automatic sliding gate to an existing fence.

commercial automatic sliding gate melbourne factory

In both cases we will match the style of the gate to the fence. We can even fit remote units to most existing commercial gate types.

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Improve the security of your commercial property with an automatic sliding gate.

At JFG Commercial and Industrial Fencing we will install a commercial automatic sliding gate to suit your specific needs. We do this by offering a full range of styles and motor speeds.

Your automatic sliding gate can either have a track on the ground or be cantilevered. A sliding gate that is cantilevered is where the gate is suspended over the driveway.

By installing a automatic sliding gate that is designed for commercial purposes you know it will withstand the high traffic. The type of traffic that comes with having a factory, warehouse or other type of industrial property.

In choosing the motor for your commercial automatic sliding gate you need to take into account the weight and width of the gate, slope of the ground, wind resistance and how often the gate will be opened in a day.

All our automated sliding gates use low voltage motors to enhance safety. Access is granted via a remote control The types of remote control include intercoms, swipe cards, remote access, mobile phones, keypads and hand held transmitters.

So not matter what type of commercial fence you need, we can make it extra secure with a matching automatic sliding gate.

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Why are commercial automatic sliding gates so popular?

One of the many reasons why automatic sliding gates are so popular for commercial premises is that they do not take up much space. This is because of the linear way they open and close.

This is great for factories or other types of commercial premises that do not have much space. It means you do not lose valuable car parking space. This would happen with other types of fences.

Automatic sliding gates are also great for security. The irreversibly geared motors that automatic sliding gates have make it extremely difficult for them to be forced open. This makes a very good deterrent and will help to protect your property.

In addition, only having one gate makes it much harder to push open. This compares to swing gates where there are at least two gates.

Compared to other styles of gates available, commercial sliding gates are very durable. That means you can rely on them year after year.  You won’t have to worry about them breaking down or even rotting (in the case of wooden fences and gates).

Automatic sliding gates provide an inviting look to your commercial property. This is especially true as there are many styles and colours to choose from. This means you are sure to find the the right automatic sliding gate that fits the style of your factory, warehouse, school or other type of commercial property.

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What is the difference between track and cantilever commercial automatic sliding gates?


commercial automatic sliding gate melbourne factory

The track commercial automatic sliding gate is mostly used when there is limited space. This is especially true if there is a steep incline.  Track commercial sliding gates use a track system where the wheels of the sliding gate run on a metal track. The track is itself is bolted down into the concrete.

It is usually less expensive to install a track system as the gate from does not have to be as strong and rigid. As well, track automatic sliding gates will normally roll more easily. This means a smaller motor can be used.

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Cantilever commercial automatic sliding gates are normally used when there are uneven surfaces. It is also great when there is a high level of traffic. In addition, it is suitable if commercial machinery, including forklifts, need to go in and out of the gate.

This type of gate uses a counter balance for support. It does not use a track, and does not require a leading edge roller to support the weight of the gate.

Along with being great for uneven driveways, cantilever gates are also more secure.  This is because cantilever gates cannot be lifted. This is because track automatic sliding gates can be lifted off their tracks.

Find out more about cantilever commercial automatic sliding gates.


The length of your gate can match your requirements. For example, if you need a wide clearance for trucks or other large vehicles then you can have a automatic sliding gate of up to 7.5 metres.

Automatic sliding gates come in a range of heights. Usually the gate is higher if a greater level of security is required. The range of standard heights are 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 1800mm and 2100 mm.

There is a large range of styles to choose from. These include flat top, spikes and rod top. Most automatic sliding gates are black. However, you can also choose to have your automatic sliding gate in Colorbond. This is a great choice is you want a greater level of privacy.

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