Commercial and Industrial Fencing

Weldmesh Fencing

Weldmesh fencing is often used as an alternative to chainmesh fencing. It is considered more sturdy than traditional chainmesh fencing and has lots of uses.

Some of the uses include roadside and railway barriers. They are also used in schools as a fencing solution.

Steel weldmesh can be used for many purposes across different industries as it is very versatile. It is very strong yet lightweight and flexible.

The main uses of weldmesh include commercial security fencing and  industrial security fencing. It makes an ideal boundary fence due to its strength.

All weldmesh fences can be installed with either a galvanised look or powder coated finish. The black coated finish allows much greater see through vision. This is because the the black does not reflect light.

Panels can be installed using powder coated steel posts and panels. The range in height is between 1.2 metres to 2.1 metres. Weldmesh fencing is easy to install. It is specifically designed to withstand Australian weather conditions.

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Weldmesh fencing is an attractive and long lasting alternative to traditional chainmesh fencing.

Steel weldmesh fencing is backed with a 10 year guarantee. It is suited to all weather conditions while maintaining its great looks.

Industrial automatic sliding gateshinged or swinging gates can be manufactured to suit your new weldmesh fence.

All gates can be operated manually or automatically with a remote control. The industrial electric motors used come with a higher rating capacity to ensure a long lasting electric gates.

An automatic sliding gate will not only improve the security of your commercial or industrial property but time as well!

We provide a total solution for all your Industrial and Commercial fencing and gate requirements – including  hercules fencingchainmesh fencingpalisade fencingpressed spear fencingtubular fencing, slat fencing, steel fencingautomatic sliding gates and  steel gates.

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