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Pressed Spear Security Fencing

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Pressed spear security fencing (also known as diplomat security fencing) is one of the most popular forms of security fencing used in Melbourne. They are used by both commercial and industrial businesses (including warehouse and factories). It is also commonly used by schools, universities and childcare centres. One of the reasons that pressed spear security fencing is so popular is that it is great at deterring intruders as well as it being an attractive looking fence. It is seen as a modern alternative to chain mesh fencing.

In particular, the pressed spear top has an long anti climb gap between the horizontal rails. This makes it very hard to climb. In addition, this type of security fencing allows people going past the property to view your building and signage.

There is also a wide range of colours to choose from when you get a pressed spear security fence.  Because of this you are not limited to a black fence but can choose from a variety of colours. All pressed spear fencing is customised for your specific needs. This includes a full range of pressed spear head styles.

Pressed spear security fencing is one of the strongest types of commercial fencing available. It’s design provides a high

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Pressed spear fencing is one of the most popular forms of security fencing available. It comes in a variety of styles.

Pressed spear top fencing comes in standard heights between 1500mm and 2100mm. However, at JFG Commercial and Industrial Fencing we can build custom panels to suit the height required. This is particularly useful for sloping blocks. The fences are usually manufactured with 40mm x 40mm rails, with square square pickets (in either aluminium or steel- including high tensile steel) punched through and welded. The heads of the pickets have distinctive spear tops which can be designed to suit your needs. Because of there is sure to be a style to suit your commercial property.

It is especially popular style of fencing for aged care facilities, schools, warehouses, factories and medical facilities

If you require a matching automatic sliding gate, we will custom design it to match your pressed spear security – including matching spear heads. If you need a matching pedestrian gate we will do that too.

We provide a total solution for all your Industrial and Commercial fencing and gate requirements – including  weldmesh fencingchainmesh fencing, palisade fencingpressed spear fencingtubular fencing, slat fencing, steel fencingautomatic sliding gates,  and  steel gates.

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