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Factories, as well as other types of commercial premises need to be secure. In fact Victoria Police, as part of their Business Security Kit advise that all boundary fences and gates should be well built, maintained and adequately secured. In addition, installing fences will also help to reduce the risk of graffiti and vandalism to your business.

However, if you have clients visiting your factory you also need to have a fence that looks good. A poorly maintained fence is not a great first impression when a new client visits.

At JFG Commercial and Industrial Fencing we provide a large range of factory fencing solutions to all suburbs of Melbourne.

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JFG Commercial and Industrial Fencing provide the best fencing solution to suit your Melbourne factory.

Factories come in many shapes and sizes. This means there are lot of things to take into account when you are deciding on the best type of fence for your factory.

It is also why you need a fencing company that specialises in commercial fencing. This includes fencing specific for factories. For example, if you keep a lot of valuable stock in your factory you will need a high security fence. This is also the case if you hold stock that could become dangerous if it is stolen.

No matter what type of factory you have, we will provide the fencing solution that suits both your needs and budget.

An automatic sliding gate makes your factory even more secure

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Installing an automatic sliding gate for your factory will heighten the level of security. Automatic sliding gates are now a standard addition to commercial security fencing. This includes factories.

Other reasons to install an automatic sliding gate include saving time. This is because there is no need for the gates to be manually opened for a vehicle to enter of leave the premises.

We can install an automatic sliding gate when we install your new factory fence. Alternatively, we can install your automatic sliding gate to an existing fence.

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Other ways to keep your factory secure

There are many ways to help keep your factory and employees safe. The following are just some of the Victoria Police recommendations:

  • Good lighting – especially for entry and exit points
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed
  • All boundary fences and gates are well built, maintained and adequately secured
  • Make sure no climbing aids (eg ladders) accessible on the premises
  • Ensure all external doors and windows have good quality locks
  • All Glass doors and windows should be reinforced
  • Install monitored security alarm system and surveillance cameras
  • Prominently display signs indicating security system

We provide a total solution for all your security fencing and gate requirements. These solutions include: hercules fencing, weldmesh fencingpalisade fencingpressed spear fencingchainmesh fencing, tubular fencingslat fencingsteel fencingautomatic sliding gates and  steel gates.

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