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Tennis Court Fencing Western Suburbs of Melbourne

In the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, we build fences for tennis courts – both single tennis courts or large ones with multiple courts. We also install tennis court fencing for schools. Chainmesh fences are one of the most popular styles of fences for tennis courts. Chainmesh fencing is also called chain wire fencing as well as cyclone fencing.

A tennis court fence needs to be strong enough to withstand the impact of a tennis ball hitting it. It also needs to be tall enough for the tennis ball not to go over the fence.

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JFG Commercial and Industrial Fencing provide the best cricket net enclosure fencing solutions to the Western suburbs of Melbourne

Options for Tennis Court Fences

When chainmesh fences are used for tennis courts, the most common choice of colour in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne is black coated PVC, with matching posts and rails.

If extra security for the tennis court is required, we can top the chainmesh fence with barb or razor wire. This adds another 500mm to the fence’s height.

The typical height for tennis court fences is between 3 and 3.6 metres. We also can install matching gates for the fence. This gate should be wide enough for maintenance equipment.

Windscreens (also called privacy screens) can be attached to the fence. This not only blocks the wind but provides privacy to tennis players.

We provide a total solution for all your sport grounds requirements, including cricket net enclosure fencing. These solutions include: hercules fencingweldmesh fencingpalisade fencingpressed spear fencingchainmesh fencingsteel fencing and tubular fencing.

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